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If transaction pass verification process, message is sent straight to customer e-mail and other inbox if available.

The risk Score is a signal as to whether an online transaction is risky for your business. Determining the thresholds you set for different actions requires fine tuning over time. We recommend first considering the cost of fraud and potentially lost goods or services, the cost of manual review, and the cost of rejecting good transactions. The risk strategy relevant to your business may mean more or less tolerance for risk as you begin using the risk Score.

One possible strategy is to at first only automatically accept transactions under a low riskScore (e.g., 10.00), only reject orders above a high riskScore (e.g., 61.00 and above), and manually review all other transactions.

Can I customise fraud score e-mail?


What Keysender offers?

Besides simple digital delivery content, there are also tools to help You with post sale buyer support like:

  • Messaging Center

  • Listing / Quantity manager

  • SMTP support

  • Feedback reminder

  • Custom E-mail and landing page builder

  • Automatic feedback and shipping with tracking number (eBay)